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Our History - 77 Years in the Community!

Geneseo Community Chest was incorporated in June of 1943. We are 77 years old but have no plans to retire! In 1943 there were 9 board members whose task it was to solicit funds to aid charitable, philanthropic and character-building non-profit organizations in the community to benefit its citizens. In 1983 the organization secured 501(c)(3) status ensuring that donations made to the organization would be tax deductible. Since 1983 the board has increased to the current 15 members it has today, all volunteers giving of their time and talents. Board members meet with area organizations annually to review their needs and then solicit funds through a community-wide campaign. Funds are normally distributed on a twice-yearly basis. Community Chest receives its donations from foundations, such as the Geneseo Foundation and the Deere Foundation, participants of United Way pledge drives, local businesses by direct donation or by payroll deductions, and by many caring area citizens. All of these donations are important, and although we do not always know our supporters, we are only able to carry on this important community function with their help.

Board of Directors, 2020-2021

Diane Olson

Vice President
Kirk Mercer

Nick Emmerson

Ben Young

Jason Beneke

Brian Haars

Doug Kuriger

Tonya McGee

Shane Meis

Jenna Mickley

Duane Olson

Lesli Storm

Tricia Vandersnick

Donna Westerlund

Crystal Yost

The Geneseo Community Chest annually solicits funds to aid charitable, philanthropic and character-building non-profit organizations active in our community, benefiting our citizens. We take donations at any time of year. Please support this important function in our community. Thank you.

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